We got a baby with the surrogacy program..

We are a couple from Europe (male-41, female-36). We got a baby with the surrogacy program. Our baby is right now 5 weeks old. He is completely healthy and very easygoing and relaxed.

The first contact with the MFC (Mediterranean Fertility Centre) we had almost 1.5 years ago. At that time I informed myself well about the different options for surrogacy in different countries from India to the USA and all possibilities in Europe. I know that it is very hard to finally decide for one clinic.

But after my first visit to the MFC I was sure that I found the right clinic in the right country. How things are regulated by the law in Greece is exceptional and gives the intended parents a very safe feeling. Additional the birth certification of the baby is not issued to the surrogate mother which is very helpful and makes things much easier back home when the baby is born. So Greece was – for our case – definitely the best country to work with. Costs in Greece are very reasonable compared to the US or other Western countries. It was a no go for us to locate our baby during the pregnancy in countries like India or Russia. We decided for the MFC because I liked the small familiar clinic. You never get the feeling that you are just a “case”, it is very personal. Additional the doctors are skilled and all have been working abroad and give the impression that they have a lot of experience. From the beginning on I had the feeling that I can trust the MFC and we never got disappointed. There was also a good transparency right from the start about the costs to expect during the whole process. I really appreciate that no additional costs at all or any other hidden costs occurred later.

After the decision for the clinic it took a while to have the decision from the court that we can start. We needed medical reports for me and my surrogate and meeting with the lawyer. But from my point of view it is worth to wait a bit longer to get all arranged very well with a safe feeling. I have to add that the clinic itself did not cause any waiting time.

We first tried with frozen embryos which we had from our clinic. Three tries but no success. The embryo specialist told us ahead that they have doubts about the quality of these embryos and preferred a fresh IVF in the MFC. We only had to go there for an IVF once, the 2nd implantation with the frozen embryos did work out and my surrogate mother was pregnant.

The doctors have been always available and did the necessary medical treatment when it was due and not regarding working week /weekend or holidays. I was not used to such flexibility from doctors in my country. It impressed me quite much and I needed a bit time to trust on that availability. In my country we are used to do appointments more long term and doctors hardly work outside their defined working hours. In the MFC the people are just always available when needed – as far as I can tell.

The time of the pregnancy is of course mentally not easy to deal with knowing that your baby is so far away.  But I always had a contact person which informed me immediately about everything and I was allowed to call the contact person whenever I felt like – and it never happened that I could not reach her within one hour. We visited 3 times in Greece during the pregnancy. This helped very much to feel more relaxed about the situation.

The baby surprised us and was born unexpected 2 weeks. The arrangements to do in Greece to get all necessary papers ready to go home were very well supported by the clinic, we just had to bring some documents from home and sign when we were asked to, that was about all. 10 days after the birth we did flight back home. My surrogate mother takes good care more than 2 weeks after the birth from the clinic.

I can really say that it is worth to go through this effort, worries and waiting time for having finally a baby. With the Mediterranean Fertility Centre you have a competent and supporting partner on your side located in a country perfect for surrogacy.

To everyone who reads this: I wish you good luck. I know everyone is concerned about fake clinics but here you are at the right location – just contact the clinic..

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